The Famtastic Five  Daily (It's Free)

Connecting Suppliers with Buyers Daily from 10.00-14.00 GMT

It's never been more important to stay connected and it doesn’t matter if you can’t make a meeting or travel to appointment, with our Famtastic Five Daily you will have access to five fabulous supplier presentations, in a fun and famtastic way. Each supplier gets five minutes to make a massive and memorable impression to a relevant and receptive audience, with no PPT allowed. We've decided against a webinar as not everyone is that technical, and with the increased bandwidth demand from home working, we thought this was a fun and innovative solution.

For agents and buyers, although the world of events might be hold for a while, what better time to increase your industry knowledge, make new connections and stay engaged with industry colleagues. When we are all back up and running, you can hit the ground running with a bulging new address book and an enhanced command of all manner of new venues, destinations and suppliers. 

We've introduced a schedule so you can determine which events to participate in, and to make sure agents are viewing, we are asking all suppliers firstly to donate a prize, even a small one - that can be distributed or delivered later in the year - and secondly to hold up, during their presentation a keyword. Agents and Buyers need to fill out a quick email once they have viewed the presentations online, and will then go into a daily draw to win one of the five prizes available. 

As all content will be available online, it won't matter if we get low numbers one day, we can both redirect buyers to your presentations.

Here is how it works for Suppliers. You need to record a five minute fun presentation without any powerpoint, that showcases your venue, hotel, destination or services. Dress up, use props, find a fascinating fact, but make it memorable and make your five minutes count. Once you have recorded your famtastic presentation, email it over to - and we will put the best five up each day for the foreseeable future for free. Don't forget to include your keyword (hold it up on a card at somepoint during your presentation) and don't forget to include details of your prize in the email. We will share your details online so that agents and buyers can find you. 

And for Agents and Buyers all you need to do is log in anytime between 10am and 2pm on a daily basis, and spend 25 minutes with a cuppa, and watch the supplier presentations. Keep a note of the keywords, and then email them over once you have watched all five presentations. We'll then do a draw and announce daily who has won what. 

We are not trying to change the world here, but keep people connected and engaged in a fun and famtastic format. We have listed a lot of categories and welcome suggestions for others, and are happy to look at specific portfolio presentations as well. Above all, remember these should be fun, without powerpoint, so keep them famtastic people!


We Need All Films  48 Hours in Advance Please


Save on travel costs and connect with a relevant and receptive audience and  make the most of your five  minutes with a  memorable

presentation without  ppt!

Connecting Buyers with Supliers Daily 


Not only will you keep your industry knowlege up to date   but you also have a chance to win a    prize which could be big or small, but

will make you smile!

The April Famtastic Five Schedule

  • Wed 1 April Academic Venues are Ace            

  • Thu 2 April Nuts for Nottinghamshire               

  • Fri 3 April Wow in Warwickshire                         

  • Mon 6 April Loving Large in London                  

  • Tue 7 April All About Airport Hotels                  

  • Wed 8 April Super Scotland                                

  • Thur 9 April Marvellous Museums                        

  • Tue 14 April Passionate about Parks                 

  • Wed 15 April Praising Portugal                           

  • Thur 16 April We Love Leicestershire

  • Fri 17 April Smashing It at Stadiums

  • Mon 20 April Rocking Resorts

  • Tue 21 April Brilliant in Birmingham

  • Wed 22 April Independent Venues

  • Thur 23 April Fabulous France

  • Fri 24 April Distinctive Distilleries

  • Mon 27 April Lovely in London   

  • Tue 28 April Great in Germany

  • Wed 29 April Neatly Newcastle

  • Thur 30 April Oo La La Oxford

We Need All Films  48 Hours in Advance Please

Our First Famtastic Five Starts on Wednesday 1 April 2020