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We're lucky as event professionals to benefit from a variety of lovely invitations to experience educational fam trips, and engagement with a variety of suppliers. Do always bear in mind, that these should be seen as an investment in your industry knowledge and not simply a jolly. Fred, our resident flamingo has some golden rules on etiquette for #eventprofs...

Etiquette for EventProfs


Always reply to invitations and remember it's nice to be asked, but respect the organisers and respond to their invitations - so at least they have an idea of numbers.  Don't get a reputation going to the opening of an envelope & think ROI for hosts.

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Do a little forward planning - you are in events after all! Make sure your passport is up to date and that you have valid travel insurance if you need it. See who else is going and if its an International Trip, maybe arrange to share if you are travelling to the airport - or be famtastic and offer your fellow event profs a lift.

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Remember to let your hosts know if you have any serious or specific dietary requirements - this will enable you to avoid any issues whilst on your fam or hosted event - and avoid any hunger pangs and wasted food. Don't be picky for the sake of it and do try new dishes if you get the chance! 

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Circumstances do change, and especially at present you may need to cancel last minute. Don't hide behind an email, pick up the phone and notify your hosts asap - and if you can, find someone else to take your place - or offer to reimburse any core costs. Don't be a no show!

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Make sure you read, in detail, any information supplied by your hosts - and if you are not clear, double check. Better to be prepared than to miss out.


Don't be late, or the person that keeps all of your fellow event professionals waiting. It's rude and unprofessional, and if you are abroad, adjust your watch to local time! Plus, don't be a no show! RUDE!

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Even if you are fully hosted, make sure you take some dosh with you, to pay for drinks, tips and any extras.  Pay your own extras and don't assume someone else wil pick up the bill. No one likes a skinflint, so pay your way please.


Make sure you respect any local customs or traditions and if you are not clear, check with your hosts. Make sure you pack appropriately as well.

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Know your limits and be sensible with alcohol. You don't want to make a fool of yourself, or miss any of the next days activities due to a hangover.  Additionally, if you don't like what is being served, politely ask about an alternative or offer to buy your own drinks.

Circumstances can change and you may need to cancel, but give as much notice as you can to your hosts. Don't simply be a no show, and show respect to your hosts. Reimburse any costs or find a replacement buyer if you can. 


Take lots of photos and share positive experiences on social media - so that your hosts can see you are enjoying the fam - and help them generate interest in their venue or destination.

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Hospitality is a big investment for hosts and host venues, so make sure you are attentive and engage with your hosts at all times. Take part in show rounds, ask questions and be polite and respectful at all times. 

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Always send a note of thanks and complete any evaluations post event. Feedback is really important for suppliers and helps them shape future events or programmes. If your experience has any negatives, offer constructive advice. 

Life is short, but there is always time for courtesy!

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