• Extend your Invitations for Fam Trips, Open Days and Networking Events to over 1,500 Agents and Event Buyers

  • Our site gets over 200 hits a day

  • Promote your Competitions, Incentives & Increased Commission Offers inexpensively

  • Better Social Media engagement with #EventProfs.

  • Help Agents & Buyers find you by being listed in our Little Black Book.

  • Avoid clashing with competitors’ events, and plan your events around major industry diary dates

  • Update your details any time throughout the year




  • Inclusion on our Diary Date, Special Offer or 360 Virtual Tour portal on

  • Lots of Social Media shout-outs on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

  • Inclusion in our weekly ‘Famtastic Fridays’ emailer to over 1,500 Event Buyers every week!

  • Option to update information as often as you like



Anything that you want event professionals to know about - fams, invitations, offers and incentives, christmas party nights, videos or virtual tours, or even just something as simple as your contact information. 




It's free to list your event and offers on Famtastic - just make sure you send us the details....


Not a problem, just send us everything in one go please!



  • 10 Agents, 10 Suppliers

  • 2 Hour (12 - 2)

  • Unlimited business opportunities 




Why #Famtastic?

Fred looked everywhere and couldn't find a centralised site which listed not only key industry events, but also the oodles of opportunities for educational fams, or invitations available to agents. We know that quality and not quantity counts but it's also important to recognise that suppliers want to connect with a diverse array of agents and buyers - hence #Famtastic!

Why Would I Expand My Guest List?

Agents and Buyers get inundated with invitations and yes, you can keep inviting the same faces to your events and educationals, but how many people on your trip are qualified buyers and are you missing out on new agencies with whom you should be building a relationship?

Why Would I Expand My Guest List? (Part Two)

Suppliers are continually competing for the time and attention of agents and buyers so the earlier you list your opportunities, the less likely you are to clash with your competition. Make sure you get your event or educational online asap and don't be scratching around for last minute guests. Make the most of your events.

How Can I Get the Right People?

You have the option to detail any qualifying criteria before you list your invitation online. That way you can filter out any potential "fammer scammers" or those without sufficient business who simply want to come along to make up the numbers.

What About Timings?

You can open up your invitations even if it's to fill any last minute places or to make up for those unavoidable cancellations. Fred will also tweet, share and list any last minute places so you can cast a wide net and attract a whole new audience.

My Guest List is Full - Now What?

Ask and we will remove your listing and delete any further social media posts. You'll still be in the Little Black Book though.

I'm Oversubscribed - Won't I Offend Those I Decline?

As long as you make it clear in your qualifying criteria about the number of places you have available and the sort of buyers you are looking for, any buyers worth their salt won't be at all offended. Simply structure a standard email that informs any buyers they are now on a waiting list.

Help - Last Minute Places to Fill?!

If you have had a last minute cancellation or you have a couple of spare places to fill, then as long as you have previous listed your event on #Famtastic, Fred will post a FLASH out to all of the agents and buyers on his database. If you haven't listed your event, then you will need to please, which yes, does incur a small fee.

Yikes! My Listing is Wrong

Not to worry. If you can't amend your listing yourself simply email Fred and he'll be happy to make any amendments for you. You will be amazed at just what Fred can do!

Payment Problems?

If you can't pay online or have any trouble with our payment gateway, please email We can also issue you a VAT receipt if you need one. 

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